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Muneta Gomu Co., Ltd., never uses or transfers, sells or provides personal information to a third party without the consent from the person in question. General principle regarding collecting, using and providing personal information: We obtain the consent from the person in question by legal and fair means if we need to collect personal information directly. In collecting personal information, we clarify the purpose of use, and restrict it to the extent necessary for the purpose. We do not collect any sensitive information that may violate personal benefits unless we obtain the definite consent from the person in question or an endorsement such as an ordinance, etc. We use and/or provide personal information within the consent given by the person in question. Regarding personal information management: We maintain personal information directly collected by us or obtained externally through a contracted business as accurate and intact, and take necessary measures to prevent any loss, destruction, alteration or disclosure of the information. In case we contract business externally that involves processing of personal information, we confirm that the consignor has obtained the consent from the person in question and collected personal information by legal and fair measures We promptly respond to any inquiry regarding handling personal information as long as it is appropriate and reasonable.