New possibility of ultrapure natural rubber realized by overwhelming technology  Only ultrapure natural rubber and Muneta Gomu make it possible!

1.Natural and safe material

It is a safe and environmentally friendly material in every process: production of raw material, product manufacturing and disposal (incineration)

2.Hardness of 35 degrees and 690% elongation realized


Ultrapure natural rubber tube is soft (rubber hardness 35 degrees) and flexible (elongation 690%), and can be used in various fields.

3.Production of belts and rubber cords realized

We have succeeded in the production of belts and rubber cords made of ultrapure natural rubber, which was said to be impossible.

4.Production of rubber tubes realized in 9 colors

Ultrapure natural rubber is normally brown or black; however, we provide rubber tubes in 9 colors.

5.Made-to-order and custom-made products that satisfy customers' needs

With the technology of Muneta Gomu, we will solve customers' problems. Feel free to contact us.

Physiotherapy and training Have you had the same kind of problems?

Muneta Gomu Co., Ltd.

Ultrapure natural rubber made by Muneta Gomu was originally used in various areas from healthcare to physics, chemical and industrial uses. Nowadays, the demand in physiotherapy and fitness areas is also increasing. The reason is our technology. Ultrapure natural rubber made by Muneta Gomu has a hardness of 35 degrees and elongation of 690%. Our rubber stretches a lot but doesn't easily break, so it is also used in physiotherapy for senior people and training at gyms. Also, by changing the durability, it can be used for training athletes.

For physiotherapy and training, please make use of Muneta Gomu's ultrapure natural rubber.

For physiotherapy! For sports training!

Differences between natural rubber and synthetic rubber

Many people think that natural rubber is the same as synthetic rubber. Actually, they are completely different.
Natural rubber is made from solidifying latex, secreted from the bark of rubber trees.
Due to its safety it is recognized as the best material for "toys for children" and its use is recommended in Europe and by international environmental organizations.
On the other hand, synthetic rubber is made from fossil fuels and is manufactured by adding vinyl chloride additives, such as stabilizer, plasticizer, biocide, colorant and flame retardant.

Characteristics of ultrapure natural rubber

Tsuzumi Brand supports various fields!

Our product is used in slings for the sport slingshot event "Sogekio", hosted by Japan Sports Slingshot Association (JSSA).
This sling was awarded the "JAPAN WOOD DESIGN AWARD 2015".
Our products are also used in many other areas. Please try Muneta Gomu's "Tsuzumi Brand" ultrapure natural rubber!

Sogekio Grand Prix, hosted by Japan Sports Slingshot Association


japan wood design 2015